Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Creditly website approved and authorized by official authorities?

You can have secure banking services and innovative financial solutions that are based on trust. Creditly's platform is licensed by SAMA and has a selection of trusted banks and partners you can apply to their products easily.

2.What is a credit card?

It is a card issued by a bank that authorizes the holder to obtain their needs of goods or services as a debt. The client is given a grace period for repayment. It has a credit limit and a maximum limit of use, costs and terms associated to it that you can view, compare and apply through this platform.

3.How can I obtain a credit card?

You can apply for a credit card online via Creditly. After completing the registration process through which your information will be verified through official integrated channels for example but not limited to; Naitonal Information Center, Elm and Public Pension. A list of Credit Card options from various banks and partners will be shown where you can compare, filter and apply for.

4.How do I know which card suits me?

After registration, Creditly will give you a list of options from different banks so you can compare, assess your need to determine what suits your needs the best.

5.What does Car Finance mean?

It is a product designed to make it easier for you to get a new car without having to pay the amount in one go. The bank will own the car you want from the authorized agencies and then sell and transfer ownership to you. Later, you can pay the car in a monthly installments according to the terms of the contract.

6.Who is eligible for a Car Finance?

Any person who is at least 18 years of age can apply for a Car Finance provided that they have a fixed monthly salary from one of the approved establishments in the public or private sector, and meeting the criteria of any of our partners that is to ensure monthly installment of the finance can be collected.

7.How do I apply for Car Finance?

You will first start by enrolling in Creditly platform, through which you will provide simple and basic information. This is followed by a review of the available options based on your personal information, income and obligations details, and Finally, choose the best option that suits you where we will help you to obtain.

8.What is the monthly installment for Car Finance?

You can check it the simple options through the Car Finance tap on the top of the page, for more detailed tailored options you can start by registering with us and fill few details that will help us assess and define your eligibility to show you the best you can get.

9.What is Personal Finance?

It is one type of consumer banking products, dedicated to individuals, where an individual is offered financial solutions for consumer products and any goods. The consumer can obtain financing that suits their needs in record time and at an annual rate determined by the banks and chosen by you.

10.How many options available for opening a Current Bank Account?

Variety of choice from different banks, you can view them and E-Open your account from the Bank Account tap on top of the website page.

11.How do I apply to open a Bank Account?

After selecting the bank you wish to open an account in, you will start filling out all the required information on the website, without having to visit the bank you will have your account opened.

12.Does Creditly work with all banks and financial institutions?

Creditly has partnerships with many banks and financial institutions in the kingdom that are authorized by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

13.Is it necessary to share my personal information?

Yes, your personal information is required in order to assist you better and give you a better options, as well as enhance your experience in obtaining any consumer banking product.

14.Is my information shared with any third parties?

Creditly assures you that privacy and security are a top priority and this data will only be used to build your personal profile and verify your eligibility for the services provided, then only shared with your consent to applied banks or financial institutions.

If you need more help, our help center has all information needed. Email us at: or Call Us at: 920001273